What’s the Best Safety Razor?

The market of razors is so cluttered at this point with the hundreds of different variations of disposable blades that are supposed to be the next new hit in shaving. These razors can feature anywhere from a single blade to four or five, and some work great, while others leave your face diced up.

For many people, one of the best things to do is to learn how to use a straight razor because the feel of the shave is better, but the idea of putting a blade like that to one’s own face can be troubling for some. Then there are those companies that are trying to invade the market of razors with multiple blades with the idea of more is better. Some of these razors can lead to same bad results if you don’t know how to properly shave.

If you don’t see yourself having a future with a straight razor or struggle to use a razor with four blades, your best bet might be to use a safety razor.

The Definitive Guide to Safety Razors Chart

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PictureNameConsumer Reviews
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What is a Safety Razor?

Safety blades come in all shapes and sizes and each major razor manufacturer has a handful of their own models. What it comes down to when trying to figure out exactly what a safety razor is this. It is a razor that has a built-in guard that is meant to reduce the risk and chances of you cutting your skin while shaving.

Any man can attest to the fact that regardless of how hard we try, there will always be that one shave where you cut your face no matter how safe you are. The guard on these safety razors are perfect for those with sensitive skin as it works to help keep your skin from getting scratched, cut or from developing a rash.



Advantages of Using a Safety Razor

There are many reasons why you might want to use a safety razor instead of an electric beard trimmer or a disposable razor. One of the main reasons is cost efficiency.

When it comes to buying disposable razors, those that shave each day might find it difficult to use their blade for as long as advertised.

They aren’t made with the same quality as the blades found on safety razors and it isn’t uncommon to have to spend close to $50 a month on replacement blades alone. Compare that cost to that of safety razor blades and you will be saving a large amount of money in a short time span.

Another advantage to using a safety razor is that when you are rinsing off your blade while in mid-shave, if you use hot water, the blades will retain the heat and will be applied to your face.

If your water is too hot, you will feel it as soon as your blade touches your face. That being said, you will like the feeling of the warm blades on your face, but find a happy medium for the water temperature to avoid being burned.

Learning how to use a safety razor is a skill that takes some time to learn. As soon as the technique is learned though, it is something that will work out for you in the end.

When you cut with a safety razor, you are getting a closer shave than you could get with any other type of razor and in less passes.

When you first learn how to use a safety razor, you will want to keep angle and pressure in mind. If you try to cut at the wrong angle, you are taking a serious chance at cutting a deep gash in your skin.

The same can be said if you don’t have the right angle. For each person, the proper angle and pressure can be different, but overall, you basically need to be careful when learning what the proper technique is for your face.


How do I find the one for Me?

Finding the best safety razor can be a difficult task for some. The more you know the better off you will be. If you know the specifics behind how a safety razor works, you will be better equipped when making a purchase.

The most common things that should be considered when trying to find the best safety razor include the ease in which you can change the blades, how often it is recommended that you change the blades, how well you can grip the razors and any convenience factors like carrying cases and additional blades that come with the razor.

The best way to find the best safety razor is to read up on each product that you are considering purchasing. Obviously, if a razor has more bad reviews than positive, you will want to reconsider using that safety razor. You need to go into each review with an open mind and take everything – good and bad – that is being said of each unit.

Now that you know more of what a safety razor is, why it’s helpful to use and how to find the best safety razor, here are five of the best safety razors on the market right now. These five razors all have their own advantages and all have their own features. With this guide of the top safety razors, you will be better equipped the next time you need a new razor.


Top 5 Safety Razor Reviews

Merkur 3 Double Edge Safety Razor

One of the most well-known safety razor manufacturers in the world is Merkur. All Merkur products are designed and built in Germany with only the best materials. When you see a Merkur razor, you can have positive feelings about the product you are going to be using each day for the foreseeable future.

This model in particular will give you an ultra-close shave, which is beneficial for those whose facial hair doesn’t grow as quickly. A shave with this safety razor will make it possible for you to bypass a day between shaves.

This safety razor has a chrome finish and is sturdy. Unlike a lot of the “cheap” safety razors commonly seen in grocery stores that feel flimsy and break easily, this unit is meant to be transported on business trips without having to worry about it in your bag.

Those that have never tried to use a safety razor before will want to use this razor to learn how to hold it, how hard (or light) to press it against your skin and more.

When the time comes and you need to change out the blades, it has the traditional butterfly opening that allows this to be done quickly. This Feather razor was designed to be held easily, dry or wet, and the grip was created to allow this to occur.

One aspect of this safety razor that is different than other models is the slope of the cutting head. Anyone that used any of the vintage Gillette models will recognize the look of this head and can attest to the fact that it makes it easier to use in tighter spaces including your moustache area. This model also seems to work better for those that have sensitive skin and that can be attributed to the angle of the razor blade.

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Another of the biggest differences between this safety razor and others on the market is the majority of this product is made with plastic. That might make some people weary and hesitant about making it their next razor purchase, but again, this is an ideal razor for those that are just starting out.

Despite it being made with plastic, if you take care of your possessions, this safety razor can last for an extended period of time.


Shaving Factory SF120

Convenience is such an important factor in making a purchase like this. Whether it is convenience in terms of the ease in which you can change blades or even a handy carrying case that make travelling with your safety razor easier, these are the little factors that go a long way for men.

With this Shaving Factory safety razor, you are getting a product that was constructed well and comes with a carrying case that also has a built-in mirror. The fact that you get this blue case with your purchase is something that should stand out to those who travel often.

The one thing about buying this safety razor is it doesn’t come with any blades. Even after buying the safety razor and the blades, it will still be a cheaper shaving experience than it would be with a typical Gillette disposable blade.

Not only is it a better value, it is also a reliable razor that is meant to last for an extended period of time. Much like with the other razors and their blades, you can use your own discretion as to when you should replace them.
When you use some safety razors that aren’t as reliable, you will have problems with getting shaving cream and lose hairs out of the blade. When you hold this razor under water, you will see that it isn’t a problem. The holes that are meant to let out the shaving cream and other residue do their job and allow for it to be cleaned with ease under a faucet.
With practice, you will be able to take this safety razor and get a close shave like you would expect from a straight razor or other disposable razors. It takes time, skill and preparation to get this shave and once you master the technique, you will have nothing to worry about.

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Parker 99R

The Parker 99R double edged safety razor is one that would be nostalgic for anyone that used these types of razors several decades earlier. It has the ultimate safety razor look that comes with a brass frame and is nickel plated to help its durability. The unit works extremely well when it comes to getting you a close shave and is also one of the best for convenience and ease of changing blades. It has a basic “butterfly open” design which is basically a twist-to-open motion that makes changing out blades easier to do.

This safety razor has a four inch ridged handle that makes it nearly impossible to drop, even when your hands are wet. At 3.4 ounces, this safety razor is heavy duty and feels great in your hands and once you have mastered the safety razor cut, the weight will help you shave easier.

The safety razor was made with Parker’s signature and infamous TTO head that is what ensures you will have a comfortable and close shave. When you purchase the Parker safety razor, you will also get five super chrome blades from Shark that are meant to give you a close shave like you would get with a straight razor at the barbershop.

The biggest difference with the design of this unit compared to others is the nickel plated brass finish. While others use a chrome finish that are meant to give a shiny look, Parker worried more about giving its users a safety razor that produced more than anything else, which is something they should be commended for.

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