4 Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers in Canada 2021

Ear and nose hairs may have their purpose in the human life span, but too much of anything isbest-nose-hair-trimmer-2016 always unwanted. Hence, ear and nose hair trimmers have come in the market to help the human kind overcome this ongoing problem of overgrown ear and nose hairs.

A person generally grows excessive ear and nose hairs when he reaches a certain age. Though the growth is not harmful, overgrown hairs could create a lot of problems for a human being. First and foremost, they are not pretty and downsize each and every aspect of your personality and above all- they look filthy. Apart from the ear hair clipper that aid in ear hair removal there are also many body hair trimmer for men available in the market.

Thanks to the handy electric nose hair trimmer and ear hair trimmer that are available in the market to help men and women face the problem with ease. Please don’t get us wrong we do not say that all the hairs in your nose and ears are bad, little hairs are essential to the normal functioning of the body; we are only against overgrown hairs and we are here to provide a solution. What follows are the benefits and what make the best ear hair clipper and nose hair clipper. Further on, we give a list of five nose hair trimmers that you should definitely consider buying to treat the epidemic.

The Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers in Canada

What is the best ear and nose hair trimmer in Canada?

The best nose hair trimmer and ear hair clipper are the one that cut those extra long hairs that creep out of your ear or nose and does not pluck them to create unease. The trimmer should be able to reach difficult areas with the utmost ease. Also, it should not lead to any injury to its users since the inside of the nose and ears are one of the most sensitive parts in a man’s body.The clippers come with rotary or vibratory blades covered with a protective covering that protects the inner lining of the nose and ears from damage.

1. Ear and nose hair trimmer Panasonic ER-GN30-K

The Panasonic ER-GN-30k trimmer is the most basic kind of trimmer that you could buy. It comes with washable blades that can also be cleaned by a brush. It works on the principle of the Vortex Cleaning system. The device comes with Double-Edged, Hyper-allergenic blades that trim without pulling the excess hairs. Moreover, it runs on a 1 AA battery, which means a 90 minute unperturbed operation.

2. Ear and nose hair trimmer Philips NT9130

The trimmer can be used to trim nose hairs, excess ear hairs and eyebrow. It is a tidy solution to shape those sideburns and trim those stray hairs in the beard and the neck. The best part of this trimmer is that it does not pluck your hairs or induce any other kind of discomfort. Moreover, the Philips NT9130 is very easy to use and clean.

3. Ear and nose hair trimmer Panasonic ER430K


The trimmer is one of a kind as it comes with vacuum suction that will suck those trimmed hairs so that you can be sure that when you clean those excess hairs, you don’t create a mess. The head is washable hence the trimmer can also be used while you are in a shower. The hypo-allergenic blades can move up to an angle of 60 degrees to give you a clean clipped nose and ears without plucking. The device is easy to hold and works with a minimum power of 1AA battery.

The hairs that are present in the nose help in the retention of dirt inside the nostrils; this helps to keep the lungs clean of any dirt.

The hairs also absorb excess heat from the air while exhaling and hence help in maintaining body temperature; furthermore it absorbs excess heat while inhaling to prevent excess heat from entering the lungs. While nose and ear hairs can be beneficial, you should always pay attention to your ear and nose hairs getting longer.

You should never let them grow out of proportion as they could damage your well groomed status immediately.

You should take special care and trim those excess hairs before you go on an interview or an important business meeting. Once you are confirmed of the trimming solution, you should use the electric nose hair trimmer and ear hair clipper as and when desired.

The trimmer not only provides a handy solution for ear and nose hair trimming in men, it is also very well suited for women.

Women who suffer from excessive hair growth in unwanted areas can benefit greatly from the clipping solutions. Apart from the trimmers mentioned above, there are many more clippers from other companies that may prove to be useful.

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4. Ear and nose hair trimmer Mangroomer

The trimmer is easy to use and specializes in giving a close shave to its user. The device is waterproof and can be used in wet and dry conditions. It is easy to grip as it is lined with rubber grip that makes it non-slip.

Its ergonomic design helps the user to achieve a clean shave while keeping the device firmly gripped to his hands. The protective cap protects the tip from damaging and helps in easy storage.

Benefits of Using a Nose and Ear hair clipper

hair-clipperDo you like those unwanted hairs that creep out of your nose and years? Has it been years since you started taking care of those buggers that are spoiling your image amongst the opposite girls?

While excess hairs sneaking out of a women’s body looks really gross, men should also groom themselves well and keep the unwanted hairs at bay. Nobody wants to stay behind in this battle of sexes in which there is a continuous urge to look better than one another. An electric nose hair trimmer and ear hair trimmer is the handiest device that you should keep in your grooming kit. It helps you tame those unwanted strands peaking out of your ears and nose in the best way.

It makes you look good and increases your USP
You would not want to go on an interview or a dinner date with those things coming out of your ear or nose holes. For one thing- they are simply gross!

You should always go well groomed to important conversation because it is the little things that could spoil your image or reputation among your peers. If you want that high paying corporate job, then your interviewer will definitely have an all around look at your outward appearance. And as far as his experience is concerned, he is going to assume a lot about you by just having a quick glance at you and judging how well you are groomed for the occasion. So in one sentence “Groom well to stay ahead.”

Ladies Love it

A woman wants her man to be sensitive to the way he looks. I know that you know that women like sensitive males; she wants to be with a man who cares about the way he looks. So you better clip those ears and nose hairs before taking her out for a date. Make sure that you look tidy and clean before you anticipate her making the first move.

It does not give you unnecessary sneezes.

If you clip those nose hairs regularly, it can save you from a lot of unnecessary and awkward sneezes. Nose hairs when grown extra long could provide a tickling sensation which may lead to unwanted sneezes.

Ear hairs give rise to unnecessary dirt retention.

Hairs in the years protect the ears from loud noises but overgrown ear hairs could retain dirt and give rise to unnecessary infection in the ears. It is very essential to cut these hairs because it saves you from a lot of trouble curing those filthy ear infections.

So the benefits of clipping excess nose and ear hairs are apparent and since you live in this modern age of well groomed people and not some early Stone Age generation, you should definitely buy a suitable ear and electric nose hair trimmer for yourself and put it to good use.