6 Best Electric Shavers for Women in Canada 2021

Let’s face it. It’s not easy being the “opposite sex.” Guys, they can get away with almost anything. Hairy legs. Hairy armpits. Hairy faces. Hairy feet. Those of us with two x chromosomes on the other hand, we have to spend the majority of our days primping, plucking and shaving.

Fortunately though, we live in an age of ultimate convenience, but one that’s inundated with a million plus products and too many tools that all claim greatness. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the six best electric shavers for women on the market today.

Electric Razor for women

Now that rigorous routine can be a little more relaxed. (And you no longer have to worry about moving to a place where you can forget about leg care and always wear pants.)

Best Electric Shavers for Women in Canada

1. Braun LS5160WD Women’s Silk Epil Shaver

Braun’s Silk-épil Lady Shaver is a long-lasting, easy-to-use electric razor that offers all kinds of convenience, but is one that’s lacking when it comes to a close shave.

It offers a trio of useful attachments, including an exfoliator — to further soften your skin — a bikini trimmer and an OptiShave attachment for a “close, comfortable shave.” It can be used inside the shower, or while you’re taking a bath, or you can use it on dry tile and trim right outside of the tub.

Its rounded head and trimmer tips are ideal when dealing with the curves and contours of armpits, knees and everything in between.

The only drawback is that you might have to go over these areas again and again, because, as previously mentioned, even though it offers a gentle, exfoliating shave, it doesn’t cut nearly as close as most people would hope for. (Which, to be fair, is a common complaint made about most electric razors. Just keep on reading. You’ll see what I mean.)

Also, even though it appears like the kind that might recharge if plugged into the wall, unfortunately that option isn’t available on this model. (It requires 2 AA batteries.) The upside of that is that you don’t ever have to replace a hard-to-find battery. That and rechargeable AAs are pretty easy to come by — and rather cheap by today’s standards.

The Braun Silk Epil Lady Shaver also has the added benefit of being the type of razor that can last for years on end. Two. Five. Even Ten, if you take good care of it.


2. Remington WR5000 Smooth & Silky SpinFlex

The Remington WR-5000 is a rotary-type electric razor that offers a close, rechargeable, silky-smooth shave, but only in a single area.

Rotation is key when using this razor. Its ergonomic design and SpinFlex technology — which consists of three spinning razors — works wonders as long as it’s used in a circular motion. If you move it up and down, like a regular razor, the results will be less than desired.

It is rechargeable. It comes with a cord. And it can be used inside and outside the shower, which is great for both relaxed and on-the-go grooming.

If you’re looking to use it on anything but your legs though, buyer beware. It does not work well, nor does it proclaim to work at all when used on the underarms or in the bikini area. (In fact, unless you want razor burns, you might want to avoid any super-sensitive areas.)

With that being said, as long as you’re looking for a simple shaver that’s got a good grip, is easily rechargeable and has the ability, when used right, to cut as quickly and as closely as any other electric razor on the market, then the Remington WR-5000 might be just what you need.
Also, much like the Braun Silk-épil, the Remington WR-5000, if well taken care of, can see you through multiple summers, even if a forest erupts every hour upon the hour.

3. Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry

Noisy yet neat. Cuts close and can hold a charge. The Panasonic ES2216PC is a sharp and powerful product, and one to keep an eye on if you’re considering a brand new electric razor.

It’s 100% waterproof — tub and shower friendly — hypo-allergenic and it plugs right into the wall for an easy charge. (Ideal for those on the go or those who’d rather not pack a lumpy charging station whenever they travel.)

Speaking of battery life, for every 12 hours of charge, you get 20 minutes of continued use. That, paired with its pivot-style shave system, its pop-up trimmer — great for stray hairs — and it’s extremely sharp blades, make it an easy-to-use, hassle-free type of product.

Now for the downside. This thing is loud. Like really loud. And the plastic headpiece can sometimes get in the way. So as long as you don’t mind having everyone in your home knowing what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, and you know that you can maneuver around a somewhat ornery element, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Also, as is the complaint with most other electric shavers, it doesn’t cut as close as a real razor.

It’s also important to note that the Panasonic ES2216PC comes with a rather nifty bikini-shaving attachment which works pretty darn well when trimming those hypersensitive areas.

4. Panasonic ES2291 Ladies 2-Blade

And so we come to the second of three Panasonic electric razors on the list. What separates the ES2291DT from the ES2216PC — if you can keep up with all the numbers — is its sleek, no-nonsense design.


It looks like what it is, a barebones electric razor that offers a nice clean shave. Like many of the others on this list, it shaves in both wet and dry conditions. It’s rubberized grip makes for easy maneuvering and it comes with a pop-up trimmer that helps tackle the finer details of electric grooming.

But, with great simplicity come underwhelming extras. Its head does not pivot. It is not rechargeable — it takes two AAA batteries that are not included — and its blades are not the sharpest in the aisle.

Where it truly shines though — literally — is in its more-than-easy cleanup routine. Some of the other electric shavers on this list require some light dismantling in order to wash out the hair clumps and wipe down the razors. With this one though, all you have to do is place it under running water and then let it dry.

All in all, the Panasonic ES2291D is great for anyone who’s looking for a nice, neat shave, without any gimmicks or tricks. It’s also a wonderful travel razor as well — because there’s not a whole lot to lug around.


5. Satiny Smooth Ladies All-in-One Personal Groomer by Conair

We’ve seen the simple. We’ve seen the stylish. Now let’s move on to the more sophisticated. The Conair All-in-One Personal Groomer is an all around versatile piece of electric grooming equipment, and one that can rid you any unwanted hairs, from brow to bikini, armpits to ankles.

It comes packaged with a 5-position comb, a 2-position comb, cleaning oil, a cleaning brush, a bikini trimmer, a detail trimmer and a very nice stand that not only holds all of these very useful extras, but one that charges the item as well.

If you’re looking for more goodies, you won’t find them with any other electric razors — not on this list anyway — and especially not at such a low-end price. (The Conair All-in-One is one of the cheapest of our reviews.)

It’s small enough to slide right into the tightest curves, yet large enough so that you don’t have to worry about dropping it while running it up and down your legs and underneath your arms.

But, as with most of the other shavers — here’s the caveat, once again — it doesn’t offer the closest shave imaginable. (Convenience over closeness, I guess.)

Also, it isn’t as durable. We’d like to say it would last you a few years, but the battery could very well lose its charge and the darn thing could just stop working. (For such a low price though, does it really matter? You’d spend just as much replacing the battery on another, more expensive model anyway…Just a thought.)

So, do you like a lot of extras?

Are you hairy from your eyebrows to your ankles?

Would you like to see most of your money stay right where it is?

Well then take a long look at the Conair All-in-One Ladies’ Personal Groomer. It might be just the hair harnesser you’re looking for.

6. Panasonic ES2207

Here we are. Number one. The third Panasonic. And really, it combines the best of both worlds, marrying the marquee components of both the ES2291D and the ES2216PC. (Sorry again for all the numbers…)


It works wet. It works dry. In the shower. In the bathroom. In the bath. And, more importantly, it’s fully rechargeable. It plugs right into the wall so it’s easy to carry, easy to store.

The triple blade shaving system offers a nice, neat shave that’s as close as any of the others on this list. Its floating head and ergonomic grip both assure that the razor is easily handled and that it will roll willingly along the ups and downs of your arms, legs and those everywhere-in-betweens.

It, too, comes paired with a pop-up trimmer, perfect for rogue hairs — or at least those that are a little longer than you would like. It’s nickel free, hypoallergenic and it makes use of stainless steel blades and foils for people with sensitive skin.

Other than that, well, we’d like to say something negative about it, but other than the obvious — like it doesn’t cut as well as a real razor, blah, blah, blah — there isn’t much to else to say. So we won’t say anything else at all.

Do women’s electric shavers work?

That’s always the question, isn’t it? (That and, “is it really worth it?”) For a high-end manual razor, you can pay half as much money as you might for a mid-range electric. And if you’re willing to shop in the bargain bin, you can get them for much, much cheaper.

But let’s be honest here, dollar razors aren’t worth the metal their made with. (They’re beyond gone after the very first shave, clogged with hair clumps and dull as a butter knife by the end of it.) And the high-end variety might be cheaper at the beginning, but once you start replacing those heads, the money adds up just as quickly.

Not only that, but real razors, especially the cheap kind, hardly allow for you to safely shave your most intimate parts. And let’s not even talk about razor burn.

Electric razors on the other hand, they might be something of an investment to begin with, but they often last longer than a single bikini season — depending on which kind you buy — and are often safer than sending a small sword across the more tender parts of your inner thigh.


(Also, if you ever miss a spot, you don’t have to worry about hopping back into the shower or reapplying moisturizer. You can just flip it on and lop it off. Easy as that.)


What to Look For Before Buying a woman’s electric shaver

Before we make the big reveal and present the six best electric razors for women, we think it’s best to give anyone reading a crash course on some of the quality requirements one should look for when considering the purchase of a brand new electric shaver.

Here are but a few of the things one might reflect upon while reading reviews about the best electric razors for women, whether it will be yours or anyone else’s. (And once we’re done here, we promise to give you the goods. Or, you know, you could always just scroll down.)

The Number of Blades

Imagine if you could wield two razors at once, one in each hand. Now add a third. The hairs on your legs, or in your armpits, or wherever else, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Not only would they be gone, they’d be nearly non-existent.

Now add a fourth. And then a fifth. And now a sixth. That would be way too many hands.  And if those pesky hairs have already been dealt with, what’s the point? You’re just paying for more metal, for no reason.

The number of blades in an electric razor is important. It’s just like Goldilocks. Too many is too much. Too few is not nearly enough. Two is great. Three is often just right. And four can be wonderful, depending on the product. Anything more is over dramatic.

The Convenience of the Cut

What and where. These are the W’s you should consider when purchasing your next electric razor. What are you shaving and Where are you shaving it?

If you want your legs to be smooth, that’s relatively easy. Most electric razors are tailored for just that.

But what if you wanted to get rid of the hairs underneath your arms? Or those upon your toes? Or underneath you chin? Beneath your nose? Or between your legs? You’d need something special, like a bikini trimmer, or a shaver that’s sized to fit in small spaces.

Also, did you want to use that razor in the shower where it’s much easier to clean? Did you want to use it in the bath so you can relax while you’re getting yourself ready? Or would you rather do it on the go, on dry land, just before you run out for work?

Do yourself a favor and keep these things in mind when you’re looking around.

The Charm of a Good Charge

How long does it take you to shave everything on your body that needs to be shaved? Would you mind waiting a while between cutting the hairs on your legs and those under your armpits? Do you mind hopping out to the store and grabbing a pack of AA or AAAs? Are you someone who often loses their electronic charger?

A bountiful battery changes everything, especially if it’s rechargeable. It can often be the difference between spending an entire afternoon making yourself look like you want to look or spending a moment in a busy morning to make yourself smooth.

The All-Great Accessories

In this day and age, it isn’t always about the product. It’s about what comes with it. And electric razors nowadays, they can be as fully loaded as an SUV.

Easy-grip handles. Extra trimmers. Skin softeners. Exfoliators. Combs. Travel cases. Charging bases. Bikini attachments.

Need to work on your eyebrows? There’s an attachment for that.

The point is, don’t let your eyes get glossy over all the “free extras” that come along with your new electric razor. Know what you want. Get what you need. And then get to grooming. It’s as easy as that. No need to complicate things — unless you really need to work from literal head to literal toe.

Our verdict :Women’s electric razor bed bath and beyond

Alright. We’ll admit it. If you’re looking for the closest shave, nothing beats a real razor or a trip to the beauty shop for some intense professional waxing. But for convenience sake, and for the sake of your everyday sanity, it’s hard to ignore the speedy, trim-easy attributes of an electric razor.

Eyebrows. Armpits. Left leg. Right. The bikini bit in between. We know that our womanly wool has a way of cropping up, often and in abundance. We just hope that we’ve helped in some way by providing you with a little bit of info and by offering an easy-to-read review of the best electric shavers for women available right now.

So happy grooming. Hairlessness is on the horizon…