What’s The Best Portable Electric Shaver For Travel?

How do politicians like Barack Obama and celebrities like Denzel Washington, best-portable-shaverBrad Pitt and Jon Bon Jovi instantly get a clean, smooth shave seemingly every time they’re in public?

What makes people pay $100’s of dollars for an electric shaver , $80 for after-shave and $30 for shaving cream costing only $3 to produce?
Why are some men throwing money away right now on expensive electric shavers when they can get the same thing easily with a cheap electric shaver?

It makes you wonder.
But what if I were to tell you these men are getting the best bang for their buck without spending an arm and a leg; getting the close shaves you’re looking for Panasonic ES3831K Wet/Dry Portable Battery Operated Men’s Shaver, Black

Fact is, not all electric shavers in this review are created equal.
In fact, most of them are made with cheap plastics, metals, even dangerously reducing the quality of the power electrical cords.
Fortunately, there are solid, cheap portable shavers available to you on your travels giving you the reliability and comfort you need.

Granted, you’re not going to get a top-of-the-line shaver like the one you would use at home at affordable prices, but for the bargain prices it’s a good deal.
I think you would agree there are few things more ‘unprofessional’ or ‘unkempt’ than a man with a scraggly beard while on travel.

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There are two kinds of portable shavers:

1. Shavers requiring AA battery operated

2. Shavers using a rechargeable battery

Panasonic ES831k

Panasonic_ES3831K_Single_Blade_Travel_Shaver-300x271If you’re familiar with the use of a higher-end electric shaver, you know that clean shaves come at a steep price. And that’s assuming lady luck blesses you with the right shaver for your hair and skin type.

That’s why the Panasonic ES831k Single Blade Travel Shaver (click here for your special Amazon discount link) is as close as you’re going to get to a smooth shave while on the road for $16.

This little powerhouse is capable of handling all of your shaving needs. More importantly it’s easy to carry so you can shave in the mornings and do light touch-ups during the day.
The blade is set at a convenient 78-degree angle with a motor speed clocking in at 8500 RPM, giving you the smooth look and feel you deserve. The blade is nickel-free and made of stainless steel guaranteeing you’ll never suffer from skin irritation again.
Clean up is a breeze. All you have to do is simply run it under a little tap water and you’re ready to go for your next shave. Being that it has a unique wet/dry functionality, you have the option of shaving wet with lather while in the shower, or dry shaving when you’re pressed for time.

It runs for up to 90 minutes on two “AA” batteries (which are not included).
Here are some of the features you can expect that comes with your Panasonic ES831k Single Blade Travel Shaver:
** Floating Head Follows Facial Contours For A Comfortable Shave

** Battery Operated For Ease Of Use

** Easy To Hold Ergonomic Design

** Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic

** Rinses Clean With Water
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Braun M90


With a battery life lasting for an incredible 4 weeks off of 2 AA batteries with regular use, the Braun M90 Washable Mobile Shaver packs a huge punch.

It’s washable for easy cleaning and comes equipped with a handy twist cap protecting the foil when closed enhancing its life span.

You also get a free side pop-out trimmer that works well on your sideburns as well as longer hairs that sometimes the foil will miss.

It’s compact size makes go almost unnoticeable because it’s such a breeze to carry with you on the road, business trips, vacations, planes, trains and ships. Simply reach into your small travel pack and you can give yourself a proper grooming in less than 3 minutes in front of a public restroom mirror on the go.

Here are the list of features the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver has making traveling on-the-go a breeze:

** Wide Floating Foil – for a close comfortable shave.

** Precision trimmer- use the extendable long hair trimmer for exact trimming of side burns and moustaches.

** Washable – Easy cleaning under running water.

** Twist Cap protects the foil when closed.

** Battery Operated (AA batteries included).

** Long hair trimmer- use the extendable long hair trimmer for exact trimming of side burns and moustaches

** Wide Floating Foil – for a close comfortable shave

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Philips Norelco PQ208/40


The Phillips Norelco PQ208/40 is one of the rare electric shavers delivering a shave so close, you won’t feel even a bit of stubble.

It’s compact, easy to carry, fits in your hand snuggly and secure and runs for practically weeks (depending on usage) on two AA batteries.

It runs really quite (so as not to disturb the misses), shaves closer than most other travel electric shavers, fits your hand snuggly (big or small) and runs for practically weeks (or months depending on usage) on just 2 AA batters.

The Phillips Norelco PQ208/40 compact size makes it easy to carry and move anywhere on-the-go.


Features you can expect :

** Provides a clean shave on-the-go

** Self-sharpening blades for a close shave

** Independently floating heads follow the curve of your face

** Up to 60 minutes cordless shave

** Battery operated (2 AA batteries included)

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Remington R-91


Remington R-91 Dual head Rotary Shaver is a handy dandy electric shaver glides on your skin leaving it smooth to the touch.

It’s light as a cloud and small as a pocket cell phone fitting easily in any toiletry kit.

Most customers consider it a ‘pleasant surprise’ at the closeness of this shave. Where most cheap electric shavers irritate the skin, the Remington R-91 Dual head Rotary Shaver does the job on even the most sensitive skin.

One customer, in fact, said he’s been using this shaver for nearly 3 months now and he’s shocked at how close a shave he’s been able to get.

Another customer, known conveniently as “Amazon Fan”, said he got the Remington R-91 to replace an old Norelco two-headed travel shaver.

It claims it holds a charge for a lengthy amount of time and gives a closer shave than the shaver he replaced. He said he’s glad he purchased it and highly recommends it.

Features you can expect :

** flex technology; with active contour xl and precision plus heads

** Lithium power

** Comfort trim trimmer

** Wettech wet/dry

** 60min runtime w/ quick charge

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Our verdict:

It’s true.

Getting a close shave is possible with any one of the best electric shavers above.

You’re not going to get the same benefits and extras of a shaver like you would get at home, but you would come as close as possible while on the road.

Some people use these shavers to replace the ones they have at home because they’re well-built, cheaper to maintain and in many cases does a better job overall.