The 4 Best Cheap Electric Shavers in Canada 2021


Taking care of facial hair has always been quite a bit of trouble for men. They also grow rather quickly, requiring a lot of attention on a regular basis. Also, needless to mention, if not taken care of properly on a regular basis, they make grow in an absurd way, and may make one look weird.

However, using the traditional shavers, too, isn’t really an effective solution, given that they take too much time and are quite a hassle to deal with. Now though their modern counterparts, electric shavers, can be expensive, it isn’t exactly difficult to find a great cheap electric shaver for men with adequate research.

Furthermore, as the traditional shavers take a lot of time for providing a clean shave, and most of the times, don’t really manage to offer a smooth, comfortable, and perfectly clean shaving experience, a really large number of men now decide to go for electric shavers.

Most of the electric shavers out there seem to be far better than their traditional counterparts, offering a comfortable, clean, and smooth shaving experience, besides getting the job done fairly quickly.

However, just like with almost all the other products out there, one need to make the right choice. After all, not all the products out there will meet everyone’s subjective requirements, and hence it seems a good idea to do a bit of research on some of the top electric shavers out there. Also, as mentioned earlier, most of the electric shavers are priced rather expensively.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any great cheap electric shaver for men. It just takes a lot of research to find such products. We have done the job much easier for you though, by reviewing some of the best cheap electric shavers out there.

The Best Cheap Electric Shavers in Canada

1. Philips Norelco PQ208/40

This is indeed a well deserving product of being termed the best cheap electric shaver for men, especially for those who need to travel a lot. Being really compact and small in size, you hardly need to worry about carrying it with you.


However, despite the small size, it still does a great job at providing a clean, close shave, and is even quite convenient to use.

Also, unlike some of the other similar shavers out there, it manages to clean the hair from your face in a uniform way, the curve of your face included. This is saying something, as most of the other such travel shavers out there don’t seem to be offering such a great shaving experience despite being priced considerably higher.


2. F2 Flexing Foil Tech

This rather extremely cheap electric razor offers way more for its price. In fact, it manages to give some of the considerably expensive shavers a run for their money by offering almost the same features as them.

To be more specific about the features, this surprisingly cheap electric razor manages to get rid of even the smallest and coarsest of hair in just one go. It indeed seems to be working pretty well for men with almost all type of hair, as it manages to provide just the same smooth, clean, and comfortable shaving experience.

A particular customer mentions in their review that despite being priced surprisingly low, it’s a great electric shaver for daily use.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that its charge is just exceptional, as it usually manages to offer well over 20 smooth and perfectly clean shaves on just one full charge. Talk about efficiency!


3. Panasonic ES3831

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This is another travel shaver that serves its purpose well, without coming with a hefty price tag. One of the first things you will notice about this little beauty is probably its look. It hardly looks like a cheap shaver, thanks to its innovative and classy design.

However, besides the great design, it comes with a long list of features as well. Some of the significant ones include being able to shave both wet and dry hair pretty comfortably, convenient to use and easy to hold due to its innovative design, ensuring no allergenic problems for sensitive skin, and so on.

Offering such a surprisingly smooth shave despite the low price, the Panasonic ES3831K is well deserving of being on this list.


4. Panasonic ES-RW30

This is the most expensive shaver on this list, but still a considerably cheaper one when compared to most of the similar products. In fact, it’s hardly a cheap shaver in any way, except of course its price.

Some of its impressive features include:

  • Being able to get rid of wet as well as dry hair equally smoothly
  • Coming with a pop-up trimmer, a feature only found in some of the considerably expensive shavers out there
  • Being fully immersible in water ensures a great shave regardless of whether your hair are wet or dry
  • Perfectly convenient to use
  • One of the sharpest razors ever in this price range
  • A real competitor to some of the triple head type shavers, which are priced way higher.


A final word

The below given are indeed some of the best cheap electric shavers out there. We are sure that one may find themselves comfortable with using at least one of the above mentioned cheap, yet perfectly effective shavers.